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Melissa Kate   Sultry Cabaret Jazz & Blues  International Recording Artist
Kissed by Kate: Sultry Cabaret Blues Original Jazz, Blues, R&B, Motown & Latin styled songs. Fun, memorable-- catchy tunes led by top international jazz musicians.
Blind Faith: A little jazz, blues & soul Melissa’s first original album. Funk, jazz and blues. Recorded by Flick Williams in 2006. Limited run--  the album is scheduled for re- release in 2012.
Kissed by Kate: Live at Allen Hall Recorded at UB’s Allen Hall 2010 by Dave Lesinski Video. Live show featuring special guests: the Old School B-Boys, Sunshine Singers and the Voice Squad
MIDNIGHT SNACK written by Melissa Kate Miller Inspired by Van Taylor Kissed by Kate album 2009 VIDEO: LIVE at QUEEN CITY JAZZ FESTIVAL courtesy Henry Fischer
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Melissa Kate: Kissed by Kate
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